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Prayer has never been more important and you are invited to join us

Clearly this service can be 'attended' at any time either by reading it by following links to 'Service' or viewing the recording of previous services on this page.


Video Recordings, Sometimes there is a short advert,either wait 20

secs or skip it bottom right

73) 12th June 2022, Trinity Sunday 10am   CLICK HERE

72) 13th March 2022, 2nd Sunday of Lent 10am   CLICK HERE

71) 27th February 2022 next  before Lent 10am   CLICK HERE

70) 13th February 2022 3 before Lent 10am   CLICK HERE

69) 23rd January 2022 Epiphany 3 10am Week of Prayer for Christian Unity  CLICK HERE

68) 9th January 2022 The Baptism of Christ,  10am Sunday Service CLICK HERE

67) 12th December, Advent 3,  10am Sunday Service CLICK HERE

65) 17th October, Trinity 20,  10am Sunday Service CLICK HERE

64) 10 Oct Safeguarding Sunday,  10am Sunday Service CLICK HERE

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