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Mpwapwa News

A week ago we heard, from our friends in Mpwapwa, that there had been a fire in the boys' hostel at Chunyu secondary school. Fortunately, no one was injured but the boys are now sleeping in classrooms and have lost all their belongings - uniforms, shoes, exercise books.

You will remember that we are linked with a primary school and secondary school, as well St Joseph's parish, all in Chunyu in Mpwapwa Diocese. The Chunyu Working Group felt we should send our friends some funding to help them deal with this emergency.

After thinking how best do this, we sent TZS 625,000 (about £250) from the £4,000 that was raised for Mpwapwa through the '60 Miles a Month' sponsorship. Sylvie Barbor (who with her husband Stephen, chairs our end of the Rochester - Mpwapwa link) sent the money via the Chunyu Secondary school account, to be picked up by Tino (our key link and communicator in Mpwapwa). Gillian, Sylvie, Stephen and I all know Tino well and trust him to use the money wisely.

Our friends in Mpwapwa wanted us to convey their thanks to you all.


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