We are determined that our mantra of setting the church up for the next 800 years will be a reality and only the very best skills and materials should be used.

The extension has been finished but, typically, there are now requirements which were 'in the long grass' but now have become not only possible but essential. These include low voltage lighting, a draught proof entrance and repairs to the top of some of the buttresses.

We have a pretty good fighting fund but we need about another £20,000.

If we were not witness to the unbelievable level of generosity we would not expect the last leg to be possible - as always we live in hope and rely and thank you for your donations. 

The church building is re-opening for private prayer, twice weekly:   

Wednesday 10am to 12 noon       Saturday 10am to 2pm

St. Peter and St. Paul, Church Street, Shoreham, Kent, TN14 7SA