Alain’s Talk on the Vicars of Shoreham 

Historical Society & Shoreham Society

The Zoom session on Friday April 30th at 7.30pm will be a fully illustrated presentation about the lives of those who have been the vicars of Shoreham in the period 1888 to the present. It will cover the changes in the church building and churchyard and what has gone on inside the building in the last 130 years, set within the context of changes in society locally and nationally. However, it also focuses on the lives of the diverse collection of people who have held this post including the time before and after their stay in Shoreham.


It will take a thematic approach looking at their interests and hobbies, their views, their backgrounds, their families and the story ranges from time spent behind bars to time in New Zealand. Research for this has included interviews, documents held by the church, the help of archivists in Britain and abroad, newspaper archives and a wide range of online sources.


Please contact the people below if you would like to attend, as you will need the contact details.