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A brief history of Shoreham Church

Part of the Diocese of Rochester, our church dates back to Norman times.

Shoreham Church is one of some 30 churches in Kent dedicated to St Peter and St. Paul. The church itself is Grade I Listed, with its history stretching through many different eras and parts of the country. You can see one of the few remaining pre-Reformation Rood Screens here in Shoreham Church, still with traditional Tudor ornament. Our pulpit was once the principal pulpit of Westminster Abbey, and was transferred here in 1851 with the Vicar at the time being a Canon of Westminster. The same man also secured the organ case from the Abbey in 1874, which was used at the coronation of George II and is said to have stood in the Abbey in Purcell's time. Our present tower dates back to 1775 and has a peal of eight bells of which 5 outdate the tower, two dating back to 1635.

In 2012

In 1959

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