Church of St. Peter & St. Paul, Shoreham
Patrons: The Dean and Chapter of Westminster
The Vicarage, Station Road, Shoreham , Kent TN14 7SA

01959 522363

26th September 2020

Here are some notices to go with this week’s service sheet.
Services in October and November
• During October the church building will continue to be open, for private prayer and
visitors, on Wednesdays 10am to 12 noon and Saturdays 10am to 2pm.
It seems likely that in November the church building may only be open for private prayer
on Saturday, although we are thinking about adding some times on Sunday but this
won’t be decided until we gauge visitor numbers in October.
• We have now signed up to the NHS Track and Trace system. If you have a smart phone
(post 2015) on which you can download the App, there are three places in the church
where you can scan the QR to register your presence in the church building. Those who
don’t have the App will be asked to sign in on a sheet of paper in the church.
• The main Sunday service will continue to be on Zoom at 10am. From October 4th there
will be a service of Holy Communion each Sunday at 8.45am in the church building.
This is timed so that there is time to return home, get a drink and join the Zoom service
at 10am. It is likely that one of these services during the month will be BCP (traditional
• You will need to continue to register for services in the church. You can register by
contacting Bryan by phone 077 3322 8408 or email
• There may be occasional services/ activities in the church on a Sunday afternoon or
Harvest Sunday 4th October
• Please send in pictures, or let us know about something you have made or done,
something you enjoy doing or are learning, so that these can be included in the service.
• This year we are collecting (non perishable) food items for the food bank run by Trinity
School. Any donations should be put in one of the labelled boxes in the Vicarage porch.
• Think about something you are thankful for about God’s character ... let Diane know
( or 01959 522363) for the Harvest service (these will be read out
anonymously at the Harvest service) eg I’m thankful that God is always with me
Sunday October 11th Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM)
• There will be a short Zoom service starting at 10am. This will lead into our annual
meeting. There is some formal business at the start of the meeting, such as electing
churchwardens and members of the PCC. This will be followed by discussion and
questions based on what has been written about the activities of the church since our
last APCM in April 2019.
• We plan to have everything finished by 11.15am. Please join us for as long as you can
from 10am.

Sunday 1st November - ALL SAINTS/ ALL SOULS
If there is someone who has died (recently or a long time ago) and you would like them to
be remembered by name at this time, please write the person’s name (clearly) on either
the sheet inside church (on a Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday), or the one pinned to the
notice board in the church porch.
Sunday 8th November - REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY
Further details in due course
• If anyone is thinking about getting confirmed next year, please let me know.
Finances ‘All things come from thee, and of thine own do we give thee’
• Thank you to all of you who continue to contribute to our church finances, in various
• The most helpful method continues to be by setting up a regular Standing Order (which
can be done via Terry or on the church website
• Our financial position is becoming more precarious, primarily because our outgoings
remain almost the same but the income received from service fees and collections at
services has significantly reduced.
We are now having to rely on reserves, which is not ideal.
• The largest outgoing expense is for the Parish Offer, which we give to the Diocese. This
pays for central services, such as Safeguarding and Training (of clergy, authorised Lay
Ministers, like Bryan and Bill and other ministries). It also pays for the stipends and
housing of clergy, including curates (who become Vicars) ...
• Please can I ask you to prayerfully review your giving, whether it is occasional or
regular, to see whether you are able to increase your giving. If you are a taxpayer,
please remember to Gift Aid your donation, which enables us to claim back 25% from
the government at no extra cost to you. So a donation of £50 becomes £62.50 with Gift
With continued prayers and blessings,
Revd Dr Diane E Rees

The church building is re-opening for private prayer, twice weekly:   

Wednesday 10am to 12 noon       Saturday 10am to 2pm

St. Peter and St. Paul, Church Street, Shoreham, Kent, TN14 7SA