Call us to live as you lived, to lay down our lives for one another, to seek forgiveness from one another and to reach out to one another in mutual love and concern. From our service on 11th May.

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Risen Christ, faithful shepherd of your father’s sheep: teach us to hear your voice and to follow your command, that all your people may be gathered 
into one flock, to the glory of God the Father.
from our service on 3rd May,   Good Shepherd / Vocations Sunday

From our service  26th April 'Road to Emmaus'

So here we are later on Easter Day with two disciples - one of whom may well have been a woman, as it would have been odd not to have named the second, if it had been a man - it could be Mrs Cleopas. Anyway, two disciples walking away from Jerusalem in bitter disappointment, sadness and confusion. ‘We had hoped he was the one….’, they say to the stranger walking beside them. There have been angels and promises but Jesus was nowhere to be seen. 

A selection of art depicting this event......

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