YEW TREE DECORATIONS and PRAYERS 1st December 2020 until 6th January 2021

Action: Make or draw a decoration to hang on the two yew trees by the church porch. There will be a box with decoration templates if you don’t want to make your own. Action: Write a prayer on the back of a star, hang it on the yew trees, or pin it to the Prayer Board in the porch.


TOP TEN CAROL SERVICE with readings Wednesday 23rd December on Zoom at 6pm This is a sing along Carol Service based around the top ten carols, as chosen by people in the village.



Thursday 24th December at 4pm in the Churchyard. Please see below how to make a Christingle.

If you want to attend one of the services in church please tell (covid!) Bryan (one of our ministry team) by email: or via phone: 07733228408 that you will be attending.


MIDNIGHT MASS -  Christmas Eve - Thursday. 11.30pm in church


CHRISTMAS DAY - 10am in church.

Sunday, 8.45 communion in Church, 10am ZOOM service as normal

How to make a Christingle (and don’t eat the sweets!)

1) Take an orange - this represents the whole world.

2) Put red tape around the widest bit of the orange (there is some in the church porch) - this represents God’s love going round the earth.

3) Put some sweets or raisins on 4 cocktail sticks and push the ends into the orange in 4 different places - these represent all the amazing gifts that God has given.

4) Carefully cut a hole in the top or bottom of the orange for the candle (you could leave the candle until Christmas Eve, when we will have plenty of spares, or pick one up in the porch) - the lit candle represents Jesus being the Light of the World.


Action: Bring it along to the churchyard at 4pm on Christmas Eve. We are going to make a circle of light around the church, light our Christingle candles, think about the meaning of the Christingle, sing a couple of carols, say a prayer and then spread our light through the village on the way home – but maybe not straight away – Please bring a cup too and if possible, we will serve you some mulled wine or berry cordial to help you on your way.

The church building is re-opening for private prayer, twice weekly:   

Wednesday 10am to 12 noon       Saturday 10am to 2pm

St. Peter and St. Paul, Church Street, Shoreham, Kent, TN14 7SA